Anti-Heeling System

Sanheel: Keeping upright under all conditions.

The SANHEEL anti-heeling system detects the heeling angle oft he vessel and re-balances the ship automatically by pumping ballast water from starboard to port-side or vice versa.

Good reasons to choose SANHEEL

SANHEEL anti-heeling system reduces damage to ramp, rolling cargo and containers. It increases the safety of the ship, it’s machinery – and the people on board.

Thus loading and unloading can be operated continuously and time-efficiently while the vessel is kept safely upright.

SANHEEL can operate with reversible and non-reversible pumps, using remote-controlled valves to direct the ballast water flow.

The system is provided with an emergency stop function which can be released at all operating stations.

Type approved.

Choosing your anti-heeling control from the SANDER MARINE range guarantees the highest possible compability.

Safe and efficient: Discover SANHEEL




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