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The procurement and supply of spare parts is a key focus of SANDER. Our customers benefit from two advantages:

Our large warehouse and extensive product portfolio, keeping the right product readily available for you. Fast, worldwide delivery is easy with our efficient distribution system.

Learn from our experts which solution is best for your application.

Spare Parts Service

The experienced valve experts at SANDER are not only fast at finding the right parts for you; our consulting services for technical upgrades and defective components include the most cost effective solution for your requirements. In some cases, exchanging a valve is faster and cheaper than repairing it with a spare part.

Our spare parts team will get you on your way.

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Spare Parts Story

Imagine: We are on board container vessel MV „Polar Equinoxe“ in the Chinese sea sea N30° 37', E122° 52', approaching Shanghai anchorage. Alarm in the engine control room. Chief engineer Boris Fedorov determines a pressure drop in the remote control valve system. As this may delay cargo operations in Shanghai, he immediately sends an e-mail to ...

What’s next? Is quick technical assistance available? Will spare parts be needed? How much time will we lose? ...

Find out now how to benefit from a SANDER MARINE Service Contract and a SANDER MARINE Spare Parts Flatrate!

Spare part solutions

SANDER supplies spare parts for all current products, and many older models as well.

The most common reasons for a faulty valve are corrosion and wear, for which we offer a wide range of spare parts.

Defective actuators, pumps and hydraulic units, possibly integrated into an automatic control system, are more complex cases. Here it is often worth to precisely analyse the type of failure, followed by repair.

Our spare parts solutions are available for various materials as well as different pressure and temperature loads.

Spare Parts & OEM-Products