Extend your control options and complete your individual flow management solution with SANDER system components. They are easy to install and reliably operating. Tailor-made or standard.

  • Hybrid Cables
    Hybrid Cables

    Hybrid Cable for Pneumatic Applications

    With the flexible hybrid cable for pneumatic systems you will save costs and be efficient: Install cables and pipes in one step! This product's main features are:

    • minimized effort by laying one cable instead of two pneumatic lines plus one electric wire;
    • higher packing density by easy laying in cable channels together with other cables;
    • easy connection of the pneumatic tubes by quick couplings;
    • type approved.
  • Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)
    Hydraulic Power Unit

    Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)

    All SANDER power units are designed to customer specifications and according to the required classification societies. We deliver the SANDER hydraulic power units from manual to fully automated operation, ready for connection. 

    Please contact us for detailed information.

  • Local Power Unit (LPU)
    Local Power Unit

    Local Power Unit (LPU)

    The local power unit enables you to skip the solenoids and a central hydraulic power unit – easy power supply wherever you need it. It is used for double and single acting hydraulic actuators for ball valves and butterfly valves. The LPU is suitable for all Sander Meson hydraulic actuators (90° part turn actuators as well as linear actuators).

    Moreover, the enhanced version covers as standard:

    • modbus interface
    • local or remote control
    • self-teaching function
    • one-man operation
    • seawater and oil resistance
    • protection class IP 68 (30 minutes / 2 metres)
    • runtime control
    • rotation and pressure monitoring
    • local position indication
  • Hand Pumps
  • Sensor Technology
    Sensor Technology


    Differences in density and chemical composition of the liquids to be managed require a special sensor technology. SANDER provides you with the sensors you need for your individual flow management solution.


    • SANDER pressure sensor SANSEN® (type approved)
    • temperature sensor (PT100)
    • pressure sensor for pump pressure
    • tank level switch
    • radar sensor
    PDF CASE STUDY SANSEN® Pressure and Tank Level Sensors

    Numerous factors affect the lifetime and functionality of a sensor. Top quality is essential to avoid frequent replacements, e.g. due to side-effects of ballast water treatment.

    Find out how to avoid costly sensor replacements


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