SANDER offers a wide range of spare items to products that we supply, or have supplied in the past. Spare parts are available in different materials and for various temperature and pressure ratings. SANDER sales engineers will assist you in finding the correct combinations.

  • Available Spares
    Valves:Available spares:
    Ball valvesHandle, ball & sealings (metal, PTFE etc.)
    Butterfly valvesHandle/gear, liner (rubber or metal for HP-valve)
    Check valvesDisc/Flap, shaft, rubber, springs and balls, gaskets
    Gate valvesGland, stem, hand wheel, bonnet, gaskets
    Globe (Stop/SDNR) valvesGland, stem, seat, disc, hand wheel, bonnet, gaskets
    Mud boxes & StrainersStrainer baskets, drain plugs, zinc anodes
    Quick/self closing valvesGland, stem, seat, disc, hand wheel, bonnets, rel. mech. gaskets
    Safety valvesGland, stem, seat, disc, springs, bonnet, release handle, gaskets
    Storm flap valvesFlap, shaft, rubber, stem, hand wheel, bonnet, gaskets
    Tebul valvesGland, stem, seat, disc, pneumatic unit, springs, bearings, gaskets
    Other valves & equipment

    Manometers, thermometers, solenoids & coils etc.

    Actuators:Available spares:
    Pneumatic typesSolenoid valves, position indicators & switches, mounting kits
    Hydraulic typesSolenoid valves, position indicators & switches, overhaul kits
    Electrical typesLimited availability
    Electro-hydraulic typesSolenoid valves, position indicators & switches, overhaul kits
    Hydraulic power units:Filters, motors, solenoids, overflow valves, push buttons etc.
    Control cabinets:All electrical equipment, not being obsolete, is available
  • Spare Part Kits

    DrawingSizeTechnical type
    3-3105135SHA/Shydraulic actuator
    3-3116280/280SHA/SC 280/280hydraulic actuator
    3-3796400SHAhydraulic actuator
    28SHA/Dhydraulic actuator
    3-381312SHAhydraulic actuator
    3-3824500SHAhydraulic actuator
    3-382928SHA/Shydraulic actuator
    3-383062SHA/Shydraulic actuator
    3-4212200SHA/Dhydraulic actuator
    3-5357400SHAhydraulic actuator
    800.1-1.0662SHAhydraulic actuator
    800.1-1.0712 - 500SHA/Dhydraulic actuator
    800.1-2.0363SHA/Dhydraulic actuator
    800.1-2.2040SHA/Dhydraulic actuator
    800.1-2.2180SHA/Dhydraulic actuator
    800.1-2.22160SHA/Dhydraulic actuator
    800.1-2.2632SHAhydraulic actuator
    800.1-2.2870SHA/Dhydraulic actuator
    803.1-2.1663SHA/SChydraulic actuator
    803.1-2.1770SHA/SChydraulic actuator
    D-8001-12-SHAD_eng80SHA/Dhydraulic actuator


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